Full Description

Las Flores makes a blend of elegance and affordability, presenting a feel of comfy to residents. This stylish home is located in a relatively calm residential area, estimated to be about 20 minutes away from the Port Harcourt International Airport.

It contains two(2) building complexes, a security house and ample parking space enough for all apartments.

This modern-styled house features 1 semi-detached duplex which is made up of 2 units of 2-bedroom duplex and a terrace duplex with units of 6 units of bedroom duplex. Each apartment is equipped with a spacious living room and well-aerated bedrooms with en suite bathroom.

The building structure is promised to be durable and have top-notch finishing.

Considering the overall architecture, the house can best be described a great deal .

Soy Las Flores!

The return of Investment in Las Flores Homes is at average of 16.7% which includes average return of 5.64% from rents for over a period of 4years and 11.1% of year and year capital gain.

How you make your money

how yo make your money

Building Plan