Full Description

Maganda Villa by HouseAfrica is a tastefully deigned 8 units of two-bedroom flats in Eliozu, Port Harcourt.

Maganda Villa will provide investors with an average annual rental return of 5.0- 6.0% for the next 10years and a Capital appreciation of 62.8% over the same period. There by given a returns of 212.8%. This is higher than the regular Nigerian residential returns.


For Young Families looking for affordable but comfortable and secured environment to live.

Your Share Cost:
It covers;
  1. Building Cost
  2. Land cost
  3. Insurance
  4. Legal
  5. Management fee
Your Investment Analysis:
Vacancy rate 20%
Occupancy rate 80%
Internal rate of return (IRR) 10%
Capital Appreciations62%
Projected rents 600k-800k

How you make your money

how yo make your money

Building Plan