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Why we are doing this

There are 1.29 Billion people in Africa, according to a recent UNICEF report Africa’s population will explode by 2050, 1 out every 4 humans will be African. This poses a tremendous problem on an already strained, real estate eco-system. In fact, as of 2017 - 250,000 people in Kenya, 24.4 Million people in Nigeria, 7.5 Million people in South Africa, 252,000 people in Namibia, all lack access to decent and affordable housing.
In fact, rapid urbanization, its acuity in African economies will be more pronounced if actions are not taken to remedy the issue. Over the coming years, millions of Africans will need shelter – a roof over their heads. This huge population boom is the strongest underlying reason for the huge demand for accommodation and real estate properties across Africa.

African markets will need to improve the fundamentals of their housing sectors. While the specific features of local real estate markets and regulatory regimes vary significantly across the continent, from Nigeria to Egypt to South Africa, chronic housing deficits, a lack of funding and an affordability gap are common throughout the regions.
HouseAfrica is sloving these problems in two ways,
1. Build affordable housing using Shipping Containers giving access to young people who otherwise can not afford housing
2. Developed a decentralized real estate platform that provides international and local investors access to the African property market..

HouseAfrica is enchancing real estate industry in Africa using blockchain technology
Our Tokens
What is HAF Token?
HAF Token is Waves based blockchain technology. It is the core asset of the new HouseAfrica Marketplace.

Asset Backed

HouseAfrica building projects and the entire HouseAfrica ecosystem will be powered by HAF token to enable ease of transaction


Our distributed ledger system built on waves blochain technology ensures transactions are immutably stored.

the identity

Users data are protected and referenced at anytime and anywhere on the blockchain


Transaction time is fast and low fee is required
Discount Timeline
Private Sales
DEC 1 – DEC 15
1 HAF = $0.025 Token rate
$1,000,000 Hard cap
1 HAF = $0.025 Token rate
$3,000,000 Hard cap
Public Sale
1 HAF = $0.025 Token rate
$26,000,000 Hard cap

HouseAfrica building will be tokenized so that users can buy properties with HAF at the end of the building project. You can pay for subscriptions on HouseAfrica platform using the token.

In order to make HAF token distribution process more efficient, the HAF price will now be linked to US Dollar:

Funding goal: $2M softcap | $30M Hardcap

1 HAF = $0.025
Fund Allocation
  • 70% Building Affordable Homes
  • 13% IT Dev./Operations
  • 9% Partnership/Marketing
  • 5% Legal
  • 3% Bounty campaign
Token distribution
  • 60% Public Token
  • 15% Reserved/Team
  • 7% Publicity
  • 3% Advisors
  • 15% Bounty campaign
Our Strategy and Project Timeline
Sept 2017
Design Concept & technical specifications
Nov 2017
HouseAfrica incorporated.
Jun 2017
Prototype Development.
Oct 2017
MVP Live
Nov 2018
Pilot Test wev version, HAF 0.2
Jan 2019
Go Live. Initia partnerships
May 2019
HAF Token Wallet App.
Jun 2019
Building Project Initiated in Kenya.
Jul 2019
Mobile App launched
Dec 2019
Building Project Completed.
Jan 2020
International Expansion.
Jun 2020
Supply Chain for construction fully implimented
HAF Holders

All transactions are stored immutably on the blockchain.

Earn Rewards

Rewards will be shared among token holders as we progresses.

Own a Property

HAF Token holders can buy property with their tokens at the end of each building project.


HouseAfrica housing are affordable for low amd middle income earners.


Our goal is build cost effective houses and make it accessible to over 200M in the continent.


We are transforming shipping containers to modest homes in an evironmental friendly manner.

Buy HAF token early with +35%, addtional tokens
Our Team
Meet a Crew of Professionals
Nakia J. White
Chief Executive Officer
Ndifreke Ikokpu
Chief Technical Officer
Uba Nnamdi
Lead Blockchain Developer
Elochukwu Azubuike
Software Developer
Diineni Biritenkumo
Project Manager
Confidence Nyirenda
Community Manager
Edwin Eke
Blockchain Developer
Our Advisors
Guarantee Of The Project Success
Dr. Bitange Ndemo
Blockchain Taskfore Kenya Government
Chuta Chimezie
Regional Director, Paxful Inc.
Our Project
How we are bridging housing deficit in Africa
Kajado, Kenya

We are recycling shipping containers into a beautiful and affordable homes for low income earners in Kenya. HouseAfrica is building 270 Units of the House for the first phase in Kakamega, 288 km from Nairobi. The turn around time is 15days for 1 Unit.

Lagos, Nigeria
Coming Soon

We are building 3D Print house in Lagos, Nigeria. The country has housing gap of 20Million. This technology is designed to save cost, turn around time and ultimately make the housing affordable. Users in the country will access this property easy-to-use blockchain base system

Soweto, South Africa
Coming Soon

3D Print will be developed and tokenized for purpose of providing affordable home for the high numbers of people without suitable homes. HouseAfrica enable international investor to own properties in Africa.

HAF Token
Frequently Questions

Yes you can but we will send your token to your wallet. You will provide your Waves wallet from Waves Platform.

HAF tokens will be distributed after ICO

Yes. Our KYC/AML policy is strong on this. All users must be verified before token distribution

Yes. We are building affordable homes using shipping containers for the low income earners in Africa. You can own these properties - either rent or sell for profit

You can share ownership of the house. The houses are tokenized so you can buy a share and make decent income when the house is sold or rented.

Yes. You can sell our property on the HouseAfrica platform.

After ICO, HAF token will be list on several exchange platforms around the world. So you can exchange for cash or other crypto of your choice.

Please reach out to us. We are always happy to talk to about our project.
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