Affordable Housing for Everyone

HouseAfrica is a Blockchain based Platform that allows you buy a fraction of a house and make returns when they are sold or rented.


Our Goal

Our goal at HouseAfrica is to bridge the huge housing deficit gap plaguing the continent. Staggering at 200 Million, UNICEF study reveals that the number of people without homes in Africa will increase by 40% in 2050.
it is clear with figures like this that there is an urgent need for affordable housing throughout the 54 countries, hence we are building a platform that will allow users to invest on early stage housing projects to provide liquidity and make returns when this houses are sold. This platform also users also to buy these house as rent to own

Invest in building projects

Buy into early stage housing projects with fund as little as you can afford.

Rent to Own

Become a house owner by paying as little as you can afford for at least 3years

Earn Returns

Make at least 9 - 20% returns annually from your investments on building projects.

With Blockchain Technology Integration, It is possible.

Converts Building Projects into digital tokens which is backed by investment bond to square meters. Payments and contracts signing are driven by smart contracts. Your identity is Secured

  • Bond Backed Tokens.

    Holds your investment as POI(Proof of Investment)

  • Smart Contracts

    Secure your Deals and Transactions


    Your Identity is Secured

  • IPFS

    Decentralized File System

How it Works


Signup for HouseAfrica free account.

Get Verified

Go through our easy verification step.


Buy as many square meters as you can afford.


Earn upto 20% returns annually from your investment.


Signup for HouseAfrica free account

Get Verified

Go through our easy verification step

Select Plan

Choose the payment plan suitable for you and make the first initial payment

Get Keys

Once your first payment is approved, you pack into your new home

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