Crowdfunding to provide affordable housing

With great returns for the Investors

We divide housing projects into shares(measured in square meters (SQM)) and allow users to own them and make returns from the house sales profit, sales appreciation and rental profits.


HouseAfrica is an innovation whose time has come. Now everyone can invest in Real Estate. The team is passionate and knowledgeable - I believe this is going to be big very soon.

Uche Aniche
Convener StartupSouth

With Blockchain Technology Integration, It is possible

We are using Blockchain to create;

Digital assets representing property shares (SQMT)

Global Verification of Ownership
Instant issuance of Proof of Ownership
Faster ownership transfer

We are not alone

Our guarantee is beyond our technology. Every housing projects is fullfiled by Houseafrica using third-party professional companies.

Construction Company

TAP Engeering company which has the expertise in real estate development develops and constructs the housing projects.


FCMB keeps all the funds and guarantees the safety.

Trustee Comapany

Trustee helps to achieve regulatory compliance and Investors protection,and also to ensure compliance with the Trust Deed.

Insurance Company

Allianz Insurance Company manages building and all construction risks.


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The easiest way to own your property shares in Nigeria

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